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The task is modelled on the professional activity in which members of a research group brief one another on recent work in the field, but adapted to the assessment of A-Level students. The student should collect, analyse, evaluate and summarise information about a topic that involves a significant range of physics ideas at a
OCR Advanced GCE H559 Unit G496(b) Research Briefing. Coursework ... Enter the mark awarded for each coursework task in the appropriate box. 4 ... Physics. (i) Scope of physics included. The chosen topic requires substantial knowledge of. A-level physics to be understood, and involves ideas or applications new.
In the AS course, candidates develop their ability to learn independently, and to develop their experimental and investigational skills and their research and communication skills. For the coursework assessment, candidates carry out two short tasks. In the A2 half of the Advanced GCE course, the coursework consists of two
The Advancing Physics course enables candidates to learn both about fundamental physical concepts and about physics in everyday and technological settings. The course shows how physics is practised and used today. It also shows the usefulness of the subject, and illustrates the kind of impact which discoveries in
The development of a Theory of Gravity. What's behind it and where does it stand in relation to the other forces? Abstract: The Theory of Gravity has been transformed through the last century, from an original and important classical framework to more recent relativistic and then quantum interpretations, eventually
Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Source. In this project I am going to look at Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Source to replace dwindling fossil fuels, unreliable renewable energy and Nuclear Fission which produces hazardous waste. I shall investigate how efficient Nuclear Fusion is compared to these alternatives. I will also
Date, Jan 2010. Description, A 6th collation of the "CAPT [Current Advancing Physics Topics] NEWS" items. They are derived from current research papers and news. They are chosen to illustrate the physics in the Advancing Physics Specification, and so perhaps enliven the odd lesson. File(s). CAPTNews_2009 C17.doc
15%. AS Paper 2. Understanding Processes, Experimentation and Data Handling (2 hours). 25%. AS coursework. Physics in Practice. 10%. A2 Paper 1. Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe (1 hour 15 minutes). 15%. A2 Paper 2. Field and Particle Pictures (2 hours). 25%. A2 coursework. Researching Physics. 10%
Edexcel Physics (Salters Homers) OCR Physics A OCR Physics B (Advancing Physics) UniM Physics at work, rest, and play Forces and motion Physics in action The ... Nuclear and particle physics Research report tN < Ih written exam Telecommunications Coursework A 10% 1h30m written exam A 15% A 7.5% Unit 6

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